Anbar Al Ambre e Ashab天然固體香水噴霧7ml

Anbar Al Ambre e Ashab天然固體香水噴霧7ml

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The Mughal emperors took great pleasure in beautifying their surroundings with magnificent gardens, great architecture with lavish furnishings of fine imported woods, gold and silver. The interiors of the royal court were furnished with exquisite drapes of velvet and brocades, hand woven wall to wall rugs with sumptuous seating areas and intricately hand crafted screens for privacy and decor.

The scenting of the interior was equally important, and Shah Akbar had sensers continuously releasing the scent of resin bakhoors, agarwood or ambergris into the court-halls. For personal beautification, perfuming of the body with sweet smelling attars was part of the daily routine, and rich scents were composed by the Shah himself. This practice created a flourishing distillation and attar-making industry, which was crafting complex scents from highly valued imported ingredients, such as deer musk, civet, ambergris, incense resins and sandalwood.


莫臥兒起源的東方豐富的芳香劑聚集在這個高貴的Mukhallat甜美的琥珀和皇家琥珀。 Bakhol和Magnolia的精美花朵的頂尖香檳打開了大門,以加熱肉桂的辛辣味和一絲丁香。

柔和的香草甜美引入了海洋,輕微的泥土麝香的Ambre gris,精美的琥珀精華完美地補充了精美的琥珀,精髓的特徵被真正的鹿麝香和Civet強調,長壽和強壯。 令人陶醉的鬱鬱蔥蔥的精華適合於...為您的嗅覺樂趣提供了一種香味。