Champaqa Royale在黑色麝香3ml在香水吊墜瓶項鍊

Champaqa Royale在黑色麝香3ml在香水吊墜瓶項鍊

$ 57.25

Champaqa Royale - high grade floral essence of Frangipani blossoms...

With a fragrance similar to Magnolia, this rare tree flower is only found in India, and is believed to blossom only during the night or early dawn. The spicy-sweet, exotic scent of these lush Indian flowers infused into Black Musk makes for a most intriguing and intense olfactory experience. Our spicy animalic Black Musk blends beautifully with the magical Champaca, underscoring the aphrodisiac properties of the blooms with a subtle sweet, warm muskiness and giving the fragrance longevity and strength.

對於中性,強烈的異國情調,溫柔麝香的香水,具有性格和魅力以及復雜的優雅,請嘗試Champaqa Royale作為甜蜜的晚餐 - 嗅覺滿意保證...

***The Champaqa Royale comes in a light weight necklace perfume bottle pendant, which can be refilled at a later date. At the time of order, please state which color flask you would like to receive; gold or silver.***

Champa通常被稱為“Nag Champa”,印度香料,香料,油和檀香的香氣混合物,是攜帶“frangipani”花的東方樹,它們具有深深的甜蜜和強烈的花香味以吸引蛇。 印度的蛇詞是“nag”,因此名字“Nag​​ Champa”。 Champa的香味借助Mukhallats美麗的風味 - 異國情調的花香與麝香,森林和香料混合 - 喚起了神秘的東方大師的圖像和1960的煙霧瀰漫的香檳充滿氣氛。